There are fake statements circulating stating:

“Due to regulatory requirement in China, IBO, the administrator of IB exams around the world, has confirmed and made a difficult decision: from this year IBO will suspend all IB exams conducted in China. All high school students who wish to study abroad via IB must take IB exams in Hong Kongor other overseas exam spots. ”

The IB confirms that the above statement is not accurate. All IB WorldSchools in East China will follow the non-examination procedure; therefore, students will not sit the exams. Their results will be awarded coursework marks and predicted grades for the May 2022 examination session. The IB made this decision after DHL suspended operations in East China until further notice.  

The IB understands that the pandemic has been, and continues to be, an exceptionally difficult time for our global community. The IB continues to work closely with schools to understand the circumstances faced by our community globally and to ensure that the needed support and resources are provided”.  

Read more information on the May 2022 examination session here.



“由于中国的监管要求,国际文凭组织(IBO),作为全球IB考试的管理者,做出了一个艰难的决定: 从今年开始,国际文凭组织将暂停所有在中国大陆举办的IB考试。所有希望通过IB出国留学的高中生必须在香港或其他海外考试地点参加IB考试。”