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Details of the conditions and facilities associated with the affiliate academic scheme.



Guidance notes for departments


This scheme is intended for academics from overseas who wish to spend a period at UCL, normally of not less than four weeks and not more than one calendar year, pursuing their own research either individually or in association with members of staff of UCL in related fields of interest. The following notes give details of the conditions and facilities associated with the scheme.

該計劃適用於希望在倫敦大學學院度過一段時間(通常不少於四個星期且不超過一個日曆年)的海外學者,他們可以出於興趣進行單獨研究,或與倫敦大學學院的工作人員共同在相關領域進行研究 。 以下註釋詳細說明了與該計劃相關的條件和設施。

Download Forms 下載表格

Proposal Form.docx 研究計畫表

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New customer account setup form 新建研究檔案表

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Eligibility for acceptance and study programme


Affiliate Academics accepted by UCL are persons normally holding established academic posts overseas in institutions of higher education, or occasionally in industry or business. Their admission to UCL is based upon an application to pursue their work in a particular field of research in one of UCL’s Departments, with collaboration and consultation with members of the Department as appropriate. Affiliate Academics do not normally attend courses, but by arrangement with the Head of the Department, they may audit certain lectures or attend seminars.

倫敦大學學院接受的附屬學者通常是在海外高等教育機構或偶爾在工業或商業中擔任固定學術職位的人。 他們是否被倫敦大學學院錄取,取決於他們的申請,打算在倫敦大學學院的一個部門從事特定研究領域的工作,並酌情與該部門的成員進行合作和協商。 附屬學者通常不參加課程,但通過與系主任的安排,他們可以旁聽某些講座或參加研討會。

Applicants using the facilities at UCL towards a higher degree should not be admitted in this category, but be classified as Visiting Research Students for which a separate system operates, administered through the International Office. Information on Visiting Research Students’ status is available.

使用倫敦大學學院設施攻讀更高學位的申請者不應被納入此類,而應歸類為訪問研究學生(Visiting Research Stude),其獨立系統運行,由國際辦公室管理。 訪問研究學生的狀態信息是可用的。

The recommendation to admit an Affiliate Academic, the scope of their study programme, and the facilities to be made available are wholly at the discretion of the Head of the Department concerned.


Procedures and records


Affiliate Academics normally make an application to attend UCL by writing in advance to the department where they wish to work. In recommending acceptance of an Affiliate Academic, a Head of the Department is asked to complete a proposal form giving brief details of the person to be admitted. The form must be signed by the Head of the Department to indicate approval of the visit and should then be sent to the HR Services Team at least one month in advance of a visit. A Curriculum Vitae for the visitor and a brief statement of what they intend to do at UCL should be attached.

附屬學者通常通過提前寫信給他們希望工作的部門來申請參加倫敦大學學院。 在推薦接受附屬學術機構時,系主任被要求填寫一份研究提案表,簡要說明要錄取的人的詳細信息。 該表格必須由部門負責人簽署以表示批准訪問,然後應至少在訪問前一個月發送給人力資源服務團隊。 應附上訪問者的簡歷和他們打算在 UCL 做什麼的簡短說明。

It is essential at this stage to indicate whether any Affiliate Academics from outside the Common Travel Area will require a visa, such as a Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange. Additional guidance on the Government Authorised Exchange route and other immigration matters is available on the UCL HR website. For further information please contact the department’s staffing team or HR Services team. Where sponsorship is required, more than 6 weeks’ notice will be necessary to ensure all the relevant documentation is processed in a timely manner and UKVI can issue the visa. If an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate is required, this will add weeks or months to the process.

在此階段必須指出來自共同旅行區以外的任何附屬學者是否需要簽證,例如臨時工 – 政府授權的交流。 倫敦大學學院人力資源網站上提供了有關政府授權交換路線和其他移民事宜的其他指南。 如需更多信息,請聯繫該部門的人事團隊或人力資源服務團隊。 如果需要贊助,則需要提前 6 週以上通知,以確保及時處理所有相關文件,並且 UKVI 可以簽發簽證。 如果需要學術技術批准計劃證書,這將增加數週或數月的流程。

The proposal form may be photocopied by departments for multiple use.


The HR Services team will write formally to the Affiliate Academic to inform them of acceptance to UCL, a copy of which will be sent to the department, and will send all appropriate information and documentation, including any additional information required for sponsorship.




Accommodation in UCL halls and houses is reserved for students. Therefore, UCL cannot normally provide accommodation for Affiliate Academics during term-time, although it may be possible to book UCL accommodation during vacations. Enquiries about vacation accommodation should be addressed to the Student Residences Officer (tel: extension 46322, E-mail: residences@ucl.ac.uk). 

UCL 宿舍和宿舍的住宿是為學生預留的。 因此,UCL 通常不能在學期期間為附屬學者提供住宿,儘管可以在假期預訂 UCL 住宿。 有關度假住宿的查詢,請聯繫學生宿舍主任(電話:分機號 46322,電子郵箱:residences@ucl.ac.uk)。

The University of London has a small number of flats in the central precinct which are set aside for the accommodation of senior academic staff from any overseas country who have been invited by a School, College or Institute of the University to undertake a course of study or research or to teach. The flats are normally available for periods of between three months and a year although shorter lettings of between one and three months may be considered. The flats are modestly but comfortably furnished with most facilities including a television and a telephone. Further information is available on the London Halls website.

倫敦大學在中央區有少量公寓,專供來自任何海外國家的高級學術人員住宿,這些人員應大學的學校、學院或研究所的邀請進行學習或 研究或教學。 公寓的租期通常為三個月到一年,但也可以考慮短租一到三個月。 公寓佈置樸素但舒適,大多數設施包括電視和電話。 倫敦大廳網站上提供了更多信息。

Fees and expenses


Affiliate Academics are charged a fee (£5,690 for 2022/2023). Fees for visits of less than a calendar year are normally charged on a pro rata basis. A Head of Department can recommend that additional research expenses may additionally be charged.

附屬學者需支付費用(2022/2023 年為 5,690 英鎊)。 少於一個日曆年的訪問費用通常按比例收取。 部門負責人可以建議額外收取額外的研究費用。

All Affiliate Academics are liable for the approved fee, and HR Services team will liaise with the Affiliate Academic over payment, including requesting that the Affiliate Academic completes their information on the New Customer Account Set up form. Invoices are prepared by HR Services and are then forwarded to Finance Division for processing before being sent to the Affiliate Academic (or Sponsor). The address for the invoice should be indicated on the proposal form.

所有附屬學術機構均有責任支付批准的費用,人力資源服務團隊將就付款事宜與附屬學術機構聯絡,包括要求附屬學術機構完成其在新客戶帳戶設置表上的信息。 發票由人力資源服務部準備,然後轉發給財務部門進行處理,然後再發送給附屬學術機構(或贊助商)。 發票地址應在提案表上註明。

The scheme for the apportionment of the Affiliate Academic fee is as follows:


a. If the visitor will make use of the Library:
i.10% to the Library
ii.45% to the Department
iii.45% to UCL
b. If the visitor will not make use of the Library:
i.50% to the Department
ii.50% to UCL

Departments will receive 100% of any bench fee charged.

各部門將收取 100% 的替補費。

Affiliate Academics should ensure that they have sufficient funds available to maintain themselves whilst in London and to pay the UCL fees.




It is for the Head of Department to decide what departmental facilities may be made available to an Affiliate Academic, but the usual UCL facilities will normally be available. The department is responsible for ensuring the individual is issued with a UCL ID card, an IT account (if appropriate), and information about other facilities such as the Library. All Affiliate Academics will be entered on to the HR database, ensuring that they have a UPI address, which will enable IT staff to set them up with IT accounts.

系主任可以決定向附屬學術機構提供哪些部門設施,但通常會提供通常的 UCL 設施。 該部門負責確保個人獲得 UCL 身份證、IT 帳戶(如果適用)以及有關其他設施(如圖書館)的信息。 所有附屬學術人員都將進入 HR 數據庫,確保他們有一個 UPI 地址,這將使 IT 員工能夠為他們設置 IT 帳戶。

Since car parking space at UCL is very limited, parking spaces cannot be offered to Affiliate Academics.

由於 UCL 的停車位非常有限,因此不能向附屬學術機構提供停車位。

Regulations and procedures


Affiliate Academics are subject to relevant UCL policies, procedures and regulations, set out in the Academic manual.

附屬學術人員須遵守學術手冊中規定的相關 UCL 政策、程序和規定。

ID cards


All persons attending UCL are required to have a UCL ID card. This should be arranged via UCL Security – ID Cards.

所有參加 UCL 課程或研究的人都必須持有 UCL 身份證。 這應該通過 UCL Security – ID 卡來安排。

Banking facilities

There are branches of all the major banks within a short distance from UCL. UCL’s branch of Santander Bank is at 164-167 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7JE. Affiliate Academics wishing to open accounts at UCL’s bank will be asked to provide official documentation proving their permanent overseas address, as well as evidence of their address whilst in the UK. The Affiliate Academic invitation letter should be sufficient proof of their Affiliate Academic status, but if further documentation is required they should contact the HR Services team.

所有主要銀行的分行都在距倫敦大學學院不遠的地方。 UCL 的桑坦德銀行分行位於 164-167 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7JE。 希望在倫敦大學學院銀行開戶的附屬學者將被要求提供官方文件,證明他們的永久海外地址,以及他們在英國期間的地址證據。 附屬學術邀請函應該足以證明他們的附屬學術地位,但如果需要進一步的文件,他們應該聯繫人力資源服務團隊。

Administration and Enquiries

HR Services is responsible for the general administration of matters relating to Affiliate Academics, including the provision of information, issuing of invoices and apportionment of fees. The collection of fees is the responsibility of Finance Division.

人力資源服務部負責與附屬學術機構相關事宜的一般管理,包括提供信息、開具發票和分攤費用。 費用的收取由財務部負責。

Enquiries about the Affiliate Academic scheme should be addressed to the HR Services team.


Information for overseas visitors arriving at UCL

UCL 海外訪客信息

Overseas visitors normally arrive by air at one of London’s three airports, Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted.

Heathrow to UCL

By London Underground (Tube). Take the Piccadilly Line to either King’s Cross or Russell Square Station and then either walk (about 10 mins.) or take a taxi. Alternatively, take the Elizabeth line to Paddington, and then take another tube to the closest tube stop to the UCL campus building.

By Train. Heathrow Express to Paddington . Trains run regularly, every 15 minutes and the journey takes approximately 15 minutes. From Paddington you can take a taxi, or a tube to Euston Square Underground Station.

By Bus. Take the Air Bus (A2) which leaves every half-hour from the terminal buildings, to either Russell Square or Euston Station and then either walk or take a taxi.

By Taxi. This is by far the most expensive way and can cost in the region of £80 depending on the time of day and density of the traffic. Use only registered taxis from taxi ranks.

Gatwick to UCL

By Train. Take the Thameslink train to Farringdon and then transfer to the Tube and take either the Metropolitan, Circle or Hammersmith and City lines westbound to Euston Square. Alternatively take a taxi from Farringdon. 
The Gatwick Express runs from Gatwick to London Victoria, and from there you can take the tube (Victoria Line) to Warren Street. However, this is slightly more expensive.

By Bus. Take flight line 777 from Gatwick North Terminal to Victoria and then either transfer to the tube, bus or a taxi. Flight line departs Gatwick at 5.15 am, 6.12 am, 6.42 am and then every 52 minutes past each hour throughout the day. 
Flight line 777 departs from Gatwick South Terminal 10 minutes after the time given above.

By Taxi. The taxi fare will cost you well in excess of £90. Use only registered taxis from taxi ranks.

Stansted to UCL

By Train. The quickest way by far to reach UCL is to take the Stansted Skytrain direct from Stansted Airport station to Tottenham Hale and then take the London Underground Victoria Line to Warren Street. UCL is a 5 minute walk from Warren Street (local area map posted in station).