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A Centre for Research Degree Preparation (CRDP) is one of the approaches used by some UK Research Councils to train prospective doctoral students in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Centre for Research Degree Preparation (CRDPs)

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Centres for Research Degree Preparation (RDPs) are formed by a group of research organisations (universities and industry partners) combining research and expertise to support and train prospective PhD students. They are sometimes referred to as Research Degree Preparation (RDPs).

training opportunities


diverse areas of expertise

Research organisations, including universities and industry partners, can establish a Centre either alone or by forming a consortium.

supportive environment

Pre-PhD students are trained in cohorts of varying sizes. You will take part in cohort-wide training modules as part of a more structured programme, rather than training in specific research-based skills.

academic Liability

With other UKRI this centre is typically providing academic support.There may also be an integrated Masters during the first year (a 1+3 award programme).

Practical Skills

With intention of specifically training CPDT-trained students should receive high-quality training in practical skills as well as acquiring academic knowledge and confidence for their future career.

Online | face to face

Course Overview

Research Degree Preparation

If you want to apply for a research degree , our fully online and face to face Pre-Doctorate Research Degree Preparation course will help you get there.

During the course 1

Spend five hours each week being trained in understanding and applying key research and academic skills for pre-doctoral study.

During the course 3

Write your application, research proposal and bibliography

help you form your application

Give you time to decide whether to opt for a practice-based or written research degree, connect you with the existing PhD community and help match you with a suitable PhD supervisor(s) to complement your research focus.

During the course 2

Learn how to refine your research interests and draft your literature review and research proposal.

During the course 4

Prepare for a formal interview.

training opportunities

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6 Months Programme
  • Course Name: Pre-doctorate: Research Degree Preparation (Online or face to face course)
  • Start date: Jan, Mar, June, Sep, Dec each year
  • Academic entry requirements: A recognised master’s degree or equivalent relevant;
  • Optional qualification: an honours degree (or recognised equivalent relevant) with appropriate research or professional experience.
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent (The proof of English is not required for applicants who have studied a BA or MA programme taught in English).
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