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Our company, Overseas Tutorial College Course Compass, helps students, parents, and teachers with educational consulting. Our goal is to help people make informed choices about their studies and reach their academic goals. Our team of experts provides personalized guidance to help you navigate the complicated world of education.

Founded in 2017 by a group of Chinese visiting scholars to the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA, Course Compass has grown to become a trusted partner for individuals seeking expert advice and support in the field of education. Our passion for empowering students, parents, and educators has driven us to continuously expand our range of services, incorporating the latest trends, resources, and technologies to stay at the forefront of educational consulting.

Company Registration Name: Overseas Education & Immigration Ltd

Trading Name: Overseas Tutorial College

Business Scope: Qualification Delivery Center and Educational Consulting Services provider

At Course Compass, our mission is to empower students, parents, and educators to make informed decisions about their academic journeys and achieve their educational goals. We believe that every individual has the potential to succeed with the right guidance and support, and we’re committed to providing personalized, expert advice to help our clients navigate the complexities of education with confidence.

Personalization: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

Expertise: Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the education sector.

Integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical standards and provide honest, unbiased guidance.

Innovation: We continuously seek to improve and expand our services, incorporating the latest trends and technologies.

Collaboration: We believe in the power of teamwork and work closely with our clients to achieve their educational goals.

Our Team
Our diverse consulting team encompasses several generations and covers an extensive array of industries and specializations. Our roster includes seasoned commercial negotiators, top-tier consultants, and distinguished professionals hailing from high-end service sectors. Each consultant is driven by a passion for their work and a commitment to supporting every client they serve. By tapping into our varied academic and professional backgrounds, comprehensive industry insights, and wide-ranging skill sets, we deliver an unmatched calibre of services and resources tailored to our clients’ needs. Get acquainted with some of our team members below.

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Edford Consultants, Maria Xiao has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s growth and strategic direction. With years of experience as an accomplished educational consultant, she boasts a remarkable track record of engaging students and managerial stakeholders at various levels to deliver exceptional results. Prior to establishing Overseas Education & Immigration Ltd. (Overseas Tutorial College), Maria spent over a decade working in Chinese universities and high schools as a teacher, lecturer, and independent educational consultant. She is a seasoned leader, possessing in-depth expertise in nurturing strong client relationships, fostering high-performing client teams, and maintaining a disciplined focus on operations and execution.

Thomas Oliver, a seasoned business development manager, plays a crucial role in driving Overseas Education & Immigration Ltd.’s sustained expansion in the UK and China education markets. Boasting expertise in business strategy, research, and development, Thomas has established himself as a valuable asset to the firm. He diligently collects feedback from clients and potential customers, which he then communicates with the internal team and management to refine and enhance the company’s future initiatives.

Mr Stephen Liao is a seasoned educational consultant with 13 years of experience in the industry. His expertise spans a variety of consultancy functions, such as student visa guidance, institutional management, project management, communications management, and client relationship building. In every project he undertakes, Stephen plays a vital role in establishing the project’s direction and scope, formulating the strategy, and ensuring the delivery of exceptional professional services.

Ms. Georgia Barnes has contributed years of accomplished marketing expertise to Overseas Education and Immigration Ltd.’s offerings. She oversees the development and execution of marketing and advertising initiatives for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Georgia implements effective marketing strategies while managing the student recruitment team, the student experience, and the web and publications teams.

Tanveer Abbot excels in recruitment, business, and accountancy. He supports clients by offering strategic planning, fostering cultural transformation and integration, and crafting effective academic strategies. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of accountancy, executive coaching, and management skill development, Tanveer expertly steers clients toward successful and sustainable growth.

Dawn Yun is a skilled consultant at one of Overseas Education and Immigration Ltd.’s regional offices. She possesses extensive expertise in Tier 4 and immigration regulations, and her deep understanding of the UK educational system makes her an ideal choice for international students. Dawn consistently guides her students through the application process, helping them find the institution that best aligns with their unique requirements. Her services typically include education counseling, coordination of language tests, preparation of institution applications, pre-departure briefings, visa and immigration advice, and assistance with flights and accommodations.

Overseas Education & Immigration’s Course Compass is your trusted partner in achieving educational success. Our experienced team, personalized approach, and commitment to excellence set us apart in the world of course consulting. Let us help you chart your course to a brighter future by providing expert guidance and support every step of the way.



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